Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    GPOYW: Punch My Face Edition

    Last night I was wondering if I can still do GPOYW (Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Wednesdays) even if I already left Tumblr, and people (and by people I mean @bestintensions) were like Anong paki ng Tumblr. Hahaha. @aeios where's your GPOYW?

    Those glasses are so Sam Sparro, I wish they were rounder though. This was shot inside the office bathroom - I had to sneak in my tripod and my camera while no one was looking. Hahaha.

    Cycling Trivialities

    So friends lang tayo pag may lakad? Lol sad but true

    When I first read that tweet I didn't think it was for me, I even retweeted it and added This better not be us. It was later that day when I saw him replying to everyone's tweets except mine when I realized he was referring to me.

    One big slap in the face.

    Friendships naturally bloom in time, and it revolves around the concept of selflessly being there and not questioning one's intentions just because of some unreplied text messages that said "Hi" or "Good afternoon." I've done favors for him too, possibly more laborious than the favors he's claiming I asked him to do,  but I never asked for anything particular in return and I never thought he was using me or anything. A simple thank you is enough.

    Ending a connection with someone wasn't an easy decision but I figured it was probably for the best. For me it was being tired of putting up with unnecessary drama between friends. And I don't think I can be friends again with someone who thinks of me that way.

    Sometimes, you get to choose the friendships you keep - this time I choose the ones that thrive without complications.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    TV Shows Checklist Part Two

    • Grey’s Anatomy (6 episodes)
    • Gossip Girl (2 episodes)
    • Ugly Betty (11 episodes)
    • Desperate Housewives (21 episodes)
    • Modern Family (7 episodes)
    • Life Unexpected (2 episodes)
    • Community (season 1)
    • The Office (season 6)
    • 30 Rock (season 4)
    • Brothers and Sisters (12 episodes)
    • Parenthood (season 1)
    Look who's been diligently doing his TV homework. Doing the Brothers and Sisters marathon this week, I'm almost done torrenting the remaining episodes. I'll get The Office and 30 Rock on DVD. I've been meaning to watch Parenthood 'cause I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham.

    I find it odd that most of the shows i watch are family-themed. Unlike most American viewers, I'm not really a big fan of forensic science.


    Bought robot earrings today from Topman! So cute.

    Monday, June 28, 2010


    Hello Blogger, we meet again. A lot has changed since we parted ways four years ago. For instance, I no longer smell like a highschool boy.

    My sudden relocation is a direct result of a conflict with someone I considered a close friend. Our friendship basically revolved around Tumblr, and now that we're not even speaking to each other I've decided to move out of the community.

     I can't rewrite the past, but I can always explore new stories and write them on fresh pages.

    Hi, I'm Claren and welcome to my junkyard.