Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    TV Shows Checklist Part Two

    • Grey’s Anatomy (6 episodes)
    • Gossip Girl (2 episodes)
    • Ugly Betty (11 episodes)
    • Desperate Housewives (21 episodes)
    • Modern Family (7 episodes)
    • Life Unexpected (2 episodes)
    • Community (season 1)
    • The Office (season 6)
    • 30 Rock (season 4)
    • Brothers and Sisters (12 episodes)
    • Parenthood (season 1)
    Look who's been diligently doing his TV homework. Doing the Brothers and Sisters marathon this week, I'm almost done torrenting the remaining episodes. I'll get The Office and 30 Rock on DVD. I've been meaning to watch Parenthood 'cause I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham.

    I find it odd that most of the shows i watch are family-themed. Unlike most American viewers, I'm not really a big fan of forensic science.

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