Friday, July 30, 2010

    My Favorite Covers

    Here's a compilation of my favorite cover songs. I skipped the punk covers and the flashy Britney / Lady Gaga covers. Okay, so maybe I included one Britney cover, heehee~

    Didn't have time to edit the cover more. I was trying to copy an Arctic Monkeys album cover. Darn. Anyway, here are the songs:

    1. Goldspot - Float On (Modest Mouse)
    2. Clem Snide - Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
    3. Sugababes - I  Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys)
    4. Jon Auer - Beautiful Stranger (Madonna)
    5. Florence and the Machine - Postcards From Italy (Beirut)
    6. Lucid Evening Sky - The Fox In The Snow (Belle and Sebastian)
    7. The Twilight Singers - Hyperballad (Bjork)
    8. David Usher - Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)
    9. Norman Palm - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
    10. Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (TI)
    11. Timo Raisanen - Creep (Radiohead)
    12. Jonsi - Time To Pretend (MGMT)
    13. Athlete - With Every Heartbeat (Robyn)
    14. Feist - Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith)
    15. Blue Fringe - Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips)
    16. The Frames - Everytime (Britney Spears)
    17. Quincy Coleman - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Uy, So Galeng!

    New people, new experiences: photowalk with Bonnapart Galeng, Stanley So And Ryan Uy. Funny how you can make a (slightly conyo) sentence from their surnames.

    I was late (I remember texting Ryan at around 9AM and then fell asleep) so I missed their Intramuros trip. I've been wanting to go to that street with the awesome wall graffiti. Also, we tried the sampaguita ice cream at Illustrado. Well, it tastes exactly like sampaguita, so I'm recommending you just buy the flower and put it in your mouth if you want to save ninety pesos.

    Also, I got lost in Binondo. LOL

    Anyway, just took random photos outside the restaurant, and shot some textures for possible future use. Looking forward to more photowalks (and sidewalk shopping) with these guys.

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Curl Up In Bed

    Here's my If I lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world playlist. (for Elisa @kissmybleep)

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Random Stuff #001

    (1) I wore a bowtie to work last monday and my boss laughed at me. What's with the bowtie, said the guy who wears flourescent orange dri-fit shirts to department meetings.

    Please forgive the pouting. That's the only decent photo I took that day.

    (2) How our building's security guards greet me based on what I'm wearing:

    • Formal long sleeves: Good Morning sir!
    • Basic shirt, jeans, sneakers: Dedma
    • Low V-Neck, rolled sleeves, skinny jeans, Supra: Boy, san ka pupunta? ID mo?
    I could just wear my ID everyday if I want to put an end to this, but nah. Although it's a little offensive when they think I look like a thug.

    (3) I finally own a camera bag! My sister bought it last Christmas but she ended up using a larger bag for her SLR so she gave it to me. So stoked to have this bag 'cause before I just wrap my camera with a scarf or stick it inside a hat. Conan has found a new home.

    (4) I normally hate cab drivers making small talk (commute is iPod time - hello!), but last monday's cab creeped me out.  It was almost midnight and it was drizzling, the driver was awfully silent (not even coughing or grunting, I had to check on him twice if he's still breathing) and wearing gloves, and his radio was tuned in to a station playing music for the sixty year olds. The atmosphere was very Murder Mystery Special on the CI channel. I felt like at any moment the driver will pull out a knife and stab me. I suddenly realized weather-conversation-crazy cab drivers are better than the Boo Radley ones. Larger tip if they don't start talking about politics.

    (5) Am I the only one cringing at the new Tim Yap Greenwich ad?

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    The Future Freaks Me Out

    The first minutes of Cougartown's pilot (horrible TV show title, if you ask me, as horrible as my post title) included Jules (Courteney Cox) inspecting her naked body in front of the mirror for signs of aging. I was laughing initially, but when she started squeezing her 40 year old belly I realized I spend five minutes in front of my mirror everyday doing the same thing. I actually had a pretty decent midsection during the mid-2000s (the sole product of 2005's gym days when I actually worked out and refrained from seducing gymbunnies at the locker room), but it has gotten out of shape over the years. I can't even get myself to post an after shot to go with the photo I posted above. Anyway, I tuned out the rest of the pilot, and started wondering how it feels like to be forty.

    Sadly I can't predict my own future, but at least I can tell you the things I'm planning to exclude from it. For starters, this guy ain't getting married. Na-ah. I was hoping to have a kid, though it's a little tricky to execute - it includes a drunk girl and a turkey baster. Oh, and come to think of it, something to blackmail her for the entire duration of her pregnancy.

    Also, I realized I am not a firm believer of a "life partner." I mean, if someone comes along then I might go for it, but I've been too jaded (this is also why I rarely reblogged those wordarts) to even try to date someone seriously. It's kind of preparing for the worst, although I don't find eternal singlehood awful at all - I mean that's what urban family is for. Just last week, a kitten chased me for a full block, and when I stopped walking (fearing I might step on him - or her, for some reason little girls tend to miss the gay vibe, who says kittens are exempted from faulty gaydars) he proceeds to rub his face against my shoe. Plus, an entire family of cats camp out on our doorstep every night, and I'm the only single resident in our house. Those are probably signs, right?

    You might think I'm crazy for worrying about how my forties will turn out when I'm only 26, but I already spent most of my life not worrying about things. Last night on our drive back from a family reunion, my sister and her husband were arguing about how some dreams are unattainable and that we should all start being realistic. I kind of agreed with my sister's Don't-Stop-Believing attitude, but I didn't want to butt in so I just closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep. I'm a big dreamer just like my sister, and I feel like I need to rally for the next few years to make up for all the lost years I kept telling myself I'm finding out who I am when in reality I'm just too lazy to move forward.

    The world spins madly on.

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Something To Yahoo! About

    I rarely check my Yahoo! Mail nowadays. I switched to Gmail four years ago and for some reason I forgot (well, more like never bothered) to send a generic Hey-I-changed-emails-update-your-address-books message to everyone. The only important emails I get there are from my aunts and uncle residing in California asking for help with their computers, and when they email they usually call too. It kind of defeats the purpose of email, but at least I get to hear their voices once in a while.

    This morning I got a call from my Tita Leng, asking me to upload something on her Facebook. Then my dad asked me why I haven't checked my email, and he was like, did you know your cousin won $50 dollars from your Tito Tom? And I was like, wait, what?

    Apparently, they started this Name Our Grandson contest. They even give out clues and there's a deadline. The only thing missing is Vanna White flipping letters. Who knew our family was this fun?

    No one won the grandson name round. There were a bunch of questions about some gemstones that I also missed. Damn, I could've easily beaten my cousins if only I knew about it. I obviously have far superior Googling powers than them. And who are we kidding, that's $50! I recently paid P4500 for a non-refundable, non-transferable round trip plane ticket to Hongkong that I can't use because DFA won't renew my passport until September. Hard times!

    So cousins better bring their A-game. A new challenger just entered the competition. Fight!

    Monday, July 05, 2010

    Weekend Round-up

    My three-day weekend (Pasig Day, Yay) in bullets.


    • Topman Galleria Private Sale with Dave
    • Greenbelt with Drew and Marvin
      • Froyo at Qoola - we never go out without hitting a froyo store. Never thought I'd be one of those froyo people, 'cause when it hit Manila last year I was like, what's the big deal it's just like ice cream right?
      • Timezone - Air Hockey, Gogo Balls, Videoke! Wanted to sing Wannabe with Drew but the songbank didn't have it so we settled for M2M's The Day You Went Away. Creepy guy opened our booth, but when we saw his face it was elephantonadiet! LOL
      • More shopping, talking, making plans. We're planning to hit Greenhills / Cubao / Anonas next month, and watch the UAAP-CDC together: UST (Marvin) VS UP (Drew, me) haha I know right? It's gonna be a bloodbath.

    • Sorted out my closet. That included lining up my shirts in a ROYGBIV manner. Realized I have way too many clothes I think I can last three months without doing the laundry. I shop when I'm upset, so if you put all my clothes in a bag and weigh it, that's how heavy my emotional baggage is.
    • Finished the last few episodes of Brothers and Sisters.
    • Decided to watch Heathers (copy from Drew) but fell asleep halfway through, partly because I can't get rid of the German subtitle that came with the copy. Or probably because it was already four in the morning.

    • Woke up to the sound of glasses breaking. Our neighbor's cat managed to sneak in our kitchen and accidentally knocked the glasses off the counter.
    • Mom was so furious 'cause the glasses were those Coca-Cola one from McDonald's (IDK why she's so obsessed with them) so my dad was like, okay let's all go out and eat at McDonald's so we can replace those glasses. :| Insanity is a daily staple in our family.
    • Played Gradius V for hours. I was able to get through five stages and managed to get past that asteroids stage my brother couldn't finish 'cause "its too damn hard." Hah, finally beat you brother.
    So it was a pretty dull weekend, I admit, but huge improvement compared to last week's moping around in bed for two days listening to Antony and the Johnsons (and Spice Girls' Viva Forever). That prompted me to make a curl-up-in-bed playlist but it's quickly turning into a suicide soundtrack. Eeep.

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Good Boys Go Shop

    Went to the Topman Galleria private sale today with LookBook guy David Guison. He got a navy blue blazer for only P999! Indiebon was also there, looking for striped shirts. Long crazy line at the dressing rooms. The vintage slim jeans I bought felt a little skinny.

    Totally stole the middle photo from Dave's tweetpics LOL. After the sale, I went to Greenbelt to hangout with Drew and Marvin. Finally saw Drew's crazy model haircut, I am so envious. Did the usual things: froyo, Timezone, a lot of walking around.

    Notice anything? Haha. Had fun today! Love these guys!