Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Random Stuff #003

    Trying not to make this week's Random Stuff post a list of new things I bought. Here goes:

    (1) New shoes! This one's from Aldo, I was seduced by the humongous I Heart Sale banner in front of their store. I paid P1200 (50% off) for this pair, and it gave me blisters. Wore this during Manila Design Week. Horrified to see another guy wearing the same pair at Cubao X (Yeye pointed the guy out to me) so I just said, lamang naman ako sa kanya naka-RRJ lang sya na t-shirt. Hee~

    (2) New shoes, part two. Fell in love with the color. Zara, P2,990. I just had to get it before Marvin Alejandro sees it. We have this I saw it first thing going on.

    (3) Charcoal Black Vest Hoodie. 21 Men, P1,200. Thought it was a bit expensive for a vest.

    (4) Spent the weekend playing Megaman X8 on Playstation! Some enemy stages were frustrating, especially Man-o-War's. Had fun using Zero and his Sigma Sword. LOL that sounded dirty.

    (5) Been watching a lot of tvN lately and got hooked with Bad Girls' Diary, a reality series similar to The Simple Life. I love Amy's hair! It's in Korean so I rely heavily on the subtitles to find out what's happening. At first I thought Amy was suffering from amnesia but then she went to a sleeping clinic. LOL turns out it's just insomnia. Subtitle fail.

    (6) Great ukay finds this week. Got this bright orange Cat hoodie and (7) Doodle Hearts hoodie for only P150!

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    The Bananadrew Project

    The first edition of The Bananadrew Project went to the Manila Design Week event at Cubao X! Sadly, I got drunk on my first hour and lost the banana's face. Not to mention the spare banana I had in my bag got mashed all over my things.

    I hope we made bananadrew proud. xoxo, junkyardkid and marbelous

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    What's In My Bag

    Going later to Manila Design Week's What's In Your Bag presented by Bratpack and decided to make my own what's in my bag post.

    (1) Rayban Wayfakers, P50 from Carriedo. I know some people are like, your eyes are fine stop wearing glasses you're just trying to look hipster-y cool, and I'm like, whatever I have the right to accessorize get over it.
    (2) Sunglasses from 21 Men
    (3) Coin Purse / Condom Holder from Team Manila. loljk
    (4) House key. And yes, that's a Lego keychain.
    (5) Pen and a Sharpie. So I can write my enemy's phone number on bathroom stalls.
    (6) Nokia E75. I love the sliding QWERTY keypad.
    (7) Striped wallet from Topman. It's anorexic thin right now 'cause I just bought new shoes. Hee~
    (8) Umm a phone charger.
    (9) iPod and earphones. Probably the only item in my bag I cannot live without. Also, a splitter in case I accidentally meet my future <3 so we can listen to my iPod together~
    (10) Conan the Canon 1000D! I really should get that infrared thing + remote and 50mm lens before the year ends.
    (11) Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturizing Cream. The rules of skin care are simple and finite!
    (12) Bench Fix Clay-Doh. It's cheap and it does the job. I used to buy this hair wax from Beauty Bar that makes my hair smell citrus-y, but it costs around Php400.
    (13) Pills Container. That's where I keep my Vitamin E gel capsules.
    (14) Office ID. I started wearing them 'cause the new guard started harrassing me again. So annoying.
    (15) Latest book I bought 'cause it was on sale and the cover is pretty!
    (16) Cheap notebook. Not gonna waste my money on a Moleskine, just so I can repeatedly write John Foster wants to hurt Effy all over it.

    Monday, August 09, 2010

    In The Hood

    I borrowed my sister's bike (mine needs tire replacement) last saturday and pedaled myself around Manila. I was aimlessly biking around Luneta when I thought of looking for the graffiti walls inside Intramuros.

    Luckily the skaterboys were on the other side. Self-portrait time!

    (Larger Photos on Flickr)

    I don't know where to go next weekend. Any suggestions?

    Sunday Morning

    Lazing around all day, watching reruns of random Gilmore Girls episodes while in bed. Perfect weekend.

    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    Random Stuff #002

    (1) So I didn't go to Hong Kong this week because of the new DFA regulations on passport renewal. That's a photo of my seat. Sad face.

    (2) My sister brought home these - plastic utensils from Ikea! I'm pretty easy to please - A friend gave me an Ikea 2010 catalogue early this year, in return I gave him a handjob. I'm kidding.

    (3) Adorable shoes. A korean guy was wearing them on our way to White Beach. He kinda scowled at me when he saw me take a picture of his feet. You can't see it from the picture (bad cropping, my fault), the topline is checkered.

    (4) P50 neon green frames from Carriedo. I removed the lens 'cause I can't get rid of the glare when I shoot. I'm planning to go back and get more colors.

    (5) My favorite item from this month's crazy sale - schoolboy blazer from Zara. Now I have something to wear for David Guison's Student Style. So, how to uninvite Elisa, hmm.

    (6) Bought this book today, 'cause it's on sale and I like the cover. Hahaha~

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    Postcards From Galera

    My weekend: a quick two day trip at Puerto Galera with my friend Anthony. Took the bus going to Batangas Port at 3 in the morning to catch the first trip of the Blue Penguin going to White Beach.

    Upon reaching the shore, we were greeted by locals waving welcome signs just like in airports! I love how people from our provinces are so warm and hospitable, although I find it annoying when they approach you every five minutes offering you things. A group of women with the words "massuese" on their shirts kept on walking around asking people to avail of their massage service. Lola, I'm sorry but you're ruining my lying-in-the-sand moment here.

    Like in Manila, we also had the sunny one minute, raining the next unpredictable kind of weather, so I couldn't bring my camera out of the cottage. Ninety-eight percent of the crowd were Koreans, so I didn't get to experience the stories I hear about Galera.

    This trip was pretty quick to plan, and not to mention cheap (around Php2k) so I'm probably going back in a few months. I just wish they start to strictly implement safety measures on the boat. They didn't even distribute the life vests to everyone.

    Fun weekend! Crossing my fingers I get to visit Coron (sans jellyfishes) this August.

    Quick notes:
    • Hot abs on the fire poi guy!
    • Friendster pose on the last photo on the third set LOL I'm sorry~