Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    2010 Christmas Wishlist

    It's that time of the year again guys, when our materialistic genes are alive and well and demanding for expensive items.

    1. Union Street DSLR Camera Bag
    Function + Style. I am so in love with this bag.

    2. Retrosuperfuture Wayfarers
    Super cool party people wear super cool party wayfarers. LOL Gilmore Girls reference.

    3. Grey Herringbone Military Blazer
    David Guison approves! This blazer has been on display on Topman stores and I drool everytime I see it, but it's like Php 7,000. Sadly I can't afford to shell out that much this year 'cause all the pretty, pretty money coming in this month have already been allocated on more important things. Sad face.

    4. Wings Ring
    I don't really wear rings but I like this one 'cause it reminds me of the snitch.

    5. iPad
    I know, i know, get a MacBook instead of an iPad. It's more of a recreational gadget, like for reading e-books or watching movies. I'm just gonna cross my fingers someone buys me one. 

    6. Vincent High-Tops
    I like how this pair has way too many straps.

    7. Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue / Skippy Dies by Paul Murray
    I'm posting books for a change. I find it more thrilling to shop for clothes than books 'cause bookstores makes me sleepy, but I'm trying to change that 'cause I think I already have way too many clothes. Here's hoping to find these books before I collapse on the floor.

    8. Lego USB Flash Drive
    I need a new flash drive, the one I have suddenly decided to just stop working. BV~

    9. Sonic Screwdriver
    Well. Just 'cause.

    10. Paint Swatch
    So I can go around giving paint suggestions to random people.

    11. Blackboard Paint
    If anyone knows where I can get this in Manila please leave me a message. I'd like to convert a part of my wall to a blackboard.


    1. merong blackboard paint sa ace hardware

    2. @efrenefren seriously? naghanap ako one year ago wala akong nakita. imma check again. thanks!