Friday, September 03, 2010

    Stick To The List, Kid

    I've decided to put a stop to my impulsive shopping habit so I came up with a list of things I'm allowed to buy. I figured it's time to save up for bigger things like a car, or a nose job.

    (1) Baseball Jacket. I had an obsession with jackets and hoodies ever since I started earning money, which is ridiculous 'cause it's practically summer all year round in this city. I've been looking for baseball/letterman jackets ever since I saw Jones on Life Unexpected wearing it.

    (2) Check Shirts. I really should start investing on dress shirts since all my clothes are too casual. I'd like to get those two gingham shirts and the hooded black and white.

    (3) Topman Carrot Jeans. Dying to get a pair ever since it came out last year.

    (4) 23:23 Black Hoop Jox. I grew up during the late 90s-early 2000s MTV era so I have this tendency to dress a bit boyband music video-ish. Those are actually sweatpants.

    (5) Paul Frank Earphones. I'm currently using this in-ear Phillips which I admit I bought solely because of the color, and it has this weird noise isolation thing where sound from your surroundings are actually reduced but I hear things (like my footsteps or my heartbeat when it's really quiet) as if it's a stethoscope. I don't think we have these here so I'll probably ask friends or cousins from HK or SG to buy and ship it for me.

    (6) Style Impact Buckled Laced-up Boots. Literally drooled when I saw these on YesStyle, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay $200 for it. Why are men's shoes so expensive? It's so unfair.

    (7) High-Top Sneakers. I'd love to get a pair of these as alternative to those laced-up boots. I'm choosing between the Black Supra Society or ISNOM White High-Tops.

    (8) Union Jack Wall Decor. Just 'cause.

    I need to stick to this list and avoid unnecessary shopping*. Self-control, fighting!

    * Sale items not included.


    1. I need a shopping list that looks this pretty. It probably won't keep me from buying stuff that I don't need though.

    2. @Lauren: Me too probably! Someone needs to lock me up or ban me from entering shopping malls. Hahaha