Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Random Stuff #003

    Trying not to make this week's Random Stuff post a list of new things I bought. Here goes:

    (1) New shoes! This one's from Aldo, I was seduced by the humongous I Heart Sale banner in front of their store. I paid P1200 (50% off) for this pair, and it gave me blisters. Wore this during Manila Design Week. Horrified to see another guy wearing the same pair at Cubao X (Yeye pointed the guy out to me) so I just said, lamang naman ako sa kanya naka-RRJ lang sya na t-shirt. Hee~

    (2) New shoes, part two. Fell in love with the color. Zara, P2,990. I just had to get it before Marvin Alejandro sees it. We have this I saw it first thing going on.

    (3) Charcoal Black Vest Hoodie. 21 Men, P1,200. Thought it was a bit expensive for a vest.

    (4) Spent the weekend playing Megaman X8 on Playstation! Some enemy stages were frustrating, especially Man-o-War's. Had fun using Zero and his Sigma Sword. LOL that sounded dirty.

    (5) Been watching a lot of tvN lately and got hooked with Bad Girls' Diary, a reality series similar to The Simple Life. I love Amy's hair! It's in Korean so I rely heavily on the subtitles to find out what's happening. At first I thought Amy was suffering from amnesia but then she went to a sleeping clinic. LOL turns out it's just insomnia. Subtitle fail.

    (6) Great ukay finds this week. Got this bright orange Cat hoodie and (7) Doodle Hearts hoodie for only P150!

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