Monday, July 05, 2010

    Weekend Round-up

    My three-day weekend (Pasig Day, Yay) in bullets.


    • Topman Galleria Private Sale with Dave
    • Greenbelt with Drew and Marvin
      • Froyo at Qoola - we never go out without hitting a froyo store. Never thought I'd be one of those froyo people, 'cause when it hit Manila last year I was like, what's the big deal it's just like ice cream right?
      • Timezone - Air Hockey, Gogo Balls, Videoke! Wanted to sing Wannabe with Drew but the songbank didn't have it so we settled for M2M's The Day You Went Away. Creepy guy opened our booth, but when we saw his face it was elephantonadiet! LOL
      • More shopping, talking, making plans. We're planning to hit Greenhills / Cubao / Anonas next month, and watch the UAAP-CDC together: UST (Marvin) VS UP (Drew, me) haha I know right? It's gonna be a bloodbath.

    • Sorted out my closet. That included lining up my shirts in a ROYGBIV manner. Realized I have way too many clothes I think I can last three months without doing the laundry. I shop when I'm upset, so if you put all my clothes in a bag and weigh it, that's how heavy my emotional baggage is.
    • Finished the last few episodes of Brothers and Sisters.
    • Decided to watch Heathers (copy from Drew) but fell asleep halfway through, partly because I can't get rid of the German subtitle that came with the copy. Or probably because it was already four in the morning.

    • Woke up to the sound of glasses breaking. Our neighbor's cat managed to sneak in our kitchen and accidentally knocked the glasses off the counter.
    • Mom was so furious 'cause the glasses were those Coca-Cola one from McDonald's (IDK why she's so obsessed with them) so my dad was like, okay let's all go out and eat at McDonald's so we can replace those glasses. :| Insanity is a daily staple in our family.
    • Played Gradius V for hours. I was able to get through five stages and managed to get past that asteroids stage my brother couldn't finish 'cause "its too damn hard." Hah, finally beat you brother.
    So it was a pretty dull weekend, I admit, but huge improvement compared to last week's moping around in bed for two days listening to Antony and the Johnsons (and Spice Girls' Viva Forever). That prompted me to make a curl-up-in-bed playlist but it's quickly turning into a suicide soundtrack. Eeep.


    1. @bananadrew mahahaha it's our little secret

    2. I have non-subtitled copy of Heathers if you want XD

    3. @TheeBadMonkey LOL recommend another movie na lang :)