Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Something To Yahoo! About

    I rarely check my Yahoo! Mail nowadays. I switched to Gmail four years ago and for some reason I forgot (well, more like never bothered) to send a generic Hey-I-changed-emails-update-your-address-books message to everyone. The only important emails I get there are from my aunts and uncle residing in California asking for help with their computers, and when they email they usually call too. It kind of defeats the purpose of email, but at least I get to hear their voices once in a while.

    This morning I got a call from my Tita Leng, asking me to upload something on her Facebook. Then my dad asked me why I haven't checked my email, and he was like, did you know your cousin won $50 dollars from your Tito Tom? And I was like, wait, what?

    Apparently, they started this Name Our Grandson contest. They even give out clues and there's a deadline. The only thing missing is Vanna White flipping letters. Who knew our family was this fun?

    No one won the grandson name round. There were a bunch of questions about some gemstones that I also missed. Damn, I could've easily beaten my cousins if only I knew about it. I obviously have far superior Googling powers than them. And who are we kidding, that's $50! I recently paid P4500 for a non-refundable, non-transferable round trip plane ticket to Hongkong that I can't use because DFA won't renew my passport until September. Hard times!

    So cousins better bring their A-game. A new challenger just entered the competition. Fight!


    1. Bwisit, ang baduy talaga ng DFA natin. Dapat mga tito mo nalang yung head ng DFA.

    2. @helga LOL I know, they suck. Sayang P4500 ko. :(