Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Random Stuff #001

    (1) I wore a bowtie to work last monday and my boss laughed at me. What's with the bowtie, said the guy who wears flourescent orange dri-fit shirts to department meetings.

    Please forgive the pouting. That's the only decent photo I took that day.

    (2) How our building's security guards greet me based on what I'm wearing:

    • Formal long sleeves: Good Morning sir!
    • Basic shirt, jeans, sneakers: Dedma
    • Low V-Neck, rolled sleeves, skinny jeans, Supra: Boy, san ka pupunta? ID mo?
    I could just wear my ID everyday if I want to put an end to this, but nah. Although it's a little offensive when they think I look like a thug.

    (3) I finally own a camera bag! My sister bought it last Christmas but she ended up using a larger bag for her SLR so she gave it to me. So stoked to have this bag 'cause before I just wrap my camera with a scarf or stick it inside a hat. Conan has found a new home.

    (4) I normally hate cab drivers making small talk (commute is iPod time - hello!), but last monday's cab creeped me out.  It was almost midnight and it was drizzling, the driver was awfully silent (not even coughing or grunting, I had to check on him twice if he's still breathing) and wearing gloves, and his radio was tuned in to a station playing music for the sixty year olds. The atmosphere was very Murder Mystery Special on the CI channel. I felt like at any moment the driver will pull out a knife and stab me. I suddenly realized weather-conversation-crazy cab drivers are better than the Boo Radley ones. Larger tip if they don't start talking about politics.

    (5) Am I the only one cringing at the new Tim Yap Greenwich ad?


    1. I seem to be a magnet for chatty cab drivers. I don't mind though (even if it's my iPod time! Haha). Almost always, I end up having a take away from the small talk. :)

    2. Bitch jaguar this morning: (to me) Sir, OJT po kayo?

      Panalo si ate.

    3. I love the bowtie! gimme! haha

    4. perhaps you've been watching too much tv. there's a show on bio called i survived. whenever i watch it, i feel like someone's gonna farrah fawcett me any moment now. haha

    5. @jace: good for you! I find it awkward, but at least I'm always polite to them.

      @Don: LOL just think of it as a compliment - you look like a college student!

      @Quiapoboi: it's only P85 at Saizen! <3

      @citybuoy: IKR I watch too much TV hahaha