Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    What's In My Bag

    Going later to Manila Design Week's What's In Your Bag presented by Bratpack and decided to make my own what's in my bag post.

    (1) Rayban Wayfakers, P50 from Carriedo. I know some people are like, your eyes are fine stop wearing glasses you're just trying to look hipster-y cool, and I'm like, whatever I have the right to accessorize get over it.
    (2) Sunglasses from 21 Men
    (3) Coin Purse / Condom Holder from Team Manila. loljk
    (4) House key. And yes, that's a Lego keychain.
    (5) Pen and a Sharpie. So I can write my enemy's phone number on bathroom stalls.
    (6) Nokia E75. I love the sliding QWERTY keypad.
    (7) Striped wallet from Topman. It's anorexic thin right now 'cause I just bought new shoes. Hee~
    (8) Umm a phone charger.
    (9) iPod and earphones. Probably the only item in my bag I cannot live without. Also, a splitter in case I accidentally meet my future <3 so we can listen to my iPod together~
    (10) Conan the Canon 1000D! I really should get that infrared thing + remote and 50mm lens before the year ends.
    (11) Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturizing Cream. The rules of skin care are simple and finite!
    (12) Bench Fix Clay-Doh. It's cheap and it does the job. I used to buy this hair wax from Beauty Bar that makes my hair smell citrus-y, but it costs around Php400.
    (13) Pills Container. That's where I keep my Vitamin E gel capsules.
    (14) Office ID. I started wearing them 'cause the new guard started harrassing me again. So annoying.
    (15) Latest book I bought 'cause it was on sale and the cover is pretty!
    (16) Cheap notebook. Not gonna waste my money on a Moleskine, just so I can repeatedly write John Foster wants to hurt Effy all over it.


    1. may DSLR ka na pala!

    2. "John Foster wants to hurt Effy." -WIN :)

    3. @Felipe: Oo nga, nung December pa. Di ba napag-usapan na natin yun, tuturuan mo pa nga dapat ako, kaso umulan.

      @denise: Haha yeah! Just saw the S4 finale this week.

    4. Naloka ako sa John Foster wants to hurt Effy. :))