Monday, August 02, 2010

    Postcards From Galera

    My weekend: a quick two day trip at Puerto Galera with my friend Anthony. Took the bus going to Batangas Port at 3 in the morning to catch the first trip of the Blue Penguin going to White Beach.

    Upon reaching the shore, we were greeted by locals waving welcome signs just like in airports! I love how people from our provinces are so warm and hospitable, although I find it annoying when they approach you every five minutes offering you things. A group of women with the words "massuese" on their shirts kept on walking around asking people to avail of their massage service. Lola, I'm sorry but you're ruining my lying-in-the-sand moment here.

    Like in Manila, we also had the sunny one minute, raining the next unpredictable kind of weather, so I couldn't bring my camera out of the cottage. Ninety-eight percent of the crowd were Koreans, so I didn't get to experience the stories I hear about Galera.

    This trip was pretty quick to plan, and not to mention cheap (around Php2k) so I'm probably going back in a few months. I just wish they start to strictly implement safety measures on the boat. They didn't even distribute the life vests to everyone.

    Fun weekend! Crossing my fingers I get to visit Coron (sans jellyfishes) this August.

    Quick notes:
    • Hot abs on the fire poi guy!
    • Friendster pose on the last photo on the third set LOL I'm sorry~


    1. The boat ride is terrifying.

    2. Ooooh! Nagpunta ka ba dun sa other side nung cliff sa first photo?

    3. @bananadrew IKR natulog na lang ako LOL. What's on the other side of the cliff?

    4. indi ka naman masyadong mabuhok :)

    5. akala ko ikaw un fire dance? hehehe whered u stay?

    6. @efrenefren: Na-shy tuloy ako sa karugs ko. LOL~

      @Renan: Haha no! Zero body fat kaya sya, napa-stomach-in ako sa inggit! My friend knows someone sa may likod ng mga resorts. ^^