Monday, August 09, 2010

    In The Hood

    I borrowed my sister's bike (mine needs tire replacement) last saturday and pedaled myself around Manila. I was aimlessly biking around Luneta when I thought of looking for the graffiti walls inside Intramuros.

    Luckily the skaterboys were on the other side. Self-portrait time!

    (Larger Photos on Flickr)

    I don't know where to go next weekend. Any suggestions?


    1. WTF, you can bike to Intramuros from your house? I wish I could bike to the office =(

    2. Love this blog entry!

    3. Nice self-portrait you got there. :)
      I wish I could bike around QC too..

    4. Anonymous4:43 AM

      hmm. try baywalk in the morning next weekend.

    5. COOL! I wish I know how to ride a bike. LMAO! i'm such a loser! NICE PICS! AND WOW PASAY-MANILA? WOW LOL

    6. Bring me around sometime! I'm itching to shoot some urban scenery :D

    7. @helga: Yes! I can also jog/walk that same distance. I wish we had bike lanes here. I don't know if bkies are allowed in EDSA, baka hulihin ako ng MMDA.

      @Dave: is this the same graffiti wall you posted before?

      @Neex: Thanks! You can probaby bike around QC too, sa morning? Or inside UP Diliman?

      @blurredlights: I loved Baywalk during the Atienza era. It was much more festive. It kinda died after Lim took over Manila.

      @marbeilleux: LOL take biking lessons!

      @stateofjoe: let's!

    8. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Atienza's Baywalk is alive at night. Lim's Baywalk is alive in the mornings--with the runners and the foreigners. =)